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Juxta Editions is a professional editing suite for the creation of digital scholarly archive. It provides assistance during the entire process of preparing a digital archive, from transcribing texts to editing and annotating them, to publishing online.

Transcribe Your Texts

Upload your highest resolution page images and Juxta Editions will display them in a deep zoom window. You can transcribe and mark up features of the text using the standardized vocabulary of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Generate diplomatic transcriptions of manuscripts, mark names and dates, and structural features. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically transcribe printed text.

Collate Witnesses

Compare your transcribed texts with versions from other sources. Uncover new facts about the life of the text and its history. Display texts side by side or overlay the differences on a base text.

Publish to the Web

Create a website for your digital scholarly archive without having to learn XSLT, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Use one of our pre-built themes or customize your site using Jekyll and Markdown. Document metadata is automatically displayed for each document.